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What role can design play in our fight against cybercrime?

27 Jan 2022

Overcoming the cybersecurity challenge sounds like a difficult task. Even understanding the cybersecurity challenge might prompt blank stares from many. 

Katie Cassidy
Katie Cassidy Content Lead

What have we learnt from Future Led this year? 

30 Nov 2021

At Liquid, we think there’s value in having a future-orientated mindset. However, this can be tough when you’re deep in the details of an immediate problem that needs solving. 

So every couple of months we take a step back from our work and look beyond our horizon at emerging trends, issues, or topics that we think are worth paying attention to. 

Katie Cassidy
Katie Cassidy Content Lead

Designing journeys for high involvement decisions that people don’t want to make

24 Nov 2021

For decades, economists, psychologists, and academics have come up with definitions, theories, and hypotheses about how human beings make decisions. Marketers have studied and experimented with nudge theory, the five steps of decision-making, consumer involvement theory, and more—all with the aim of finding out what makes people do the things they do.

Judy Das
Judy Das Content Director

The end of democracy? Maybe it's just evolving

12 Nov 2021

"How democracy ends” sounds like one of those topics you’re supposed to avoid talking about. 

With the advances of digital technology, the proliferation of mis- and dis-information, shifting geopolitical power — is our democratic system under threat? Also, how do you cover all this in an hour conversation?!  

Katie Cassidy
Katie Cassidy Content Lead

The four Cs of Something Digital

11 Oct 2021

Something Digital is back for its fourth year, embracing the hybrid program of real-life and online sessions that the pandemic has taught us to roll with.

Katie Cassidy
Katie Cassidy Content Lead