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How design is embracing the AI challenge

27 Sep 2023

A little over two years ago, Liquid's nascent Future Led series tackled super-intelligent AI and we were told that the pace of technological change would be “very dramatic”.

Ruth Hawkins Marketing Producer

Good Design win for Head to Health

11 Sep 2023

Head to Health, the national mental health service navigation website has won a prestigious Good Design Award for Excellence in Design and Innovation at this year’s awards ceremony, with the judges recognising “Head to Health approaches an important service with respect and creativity. The personalised user experience demonstrates the comprehensive research behind the design.”   

Fiona Armstrong
Fiona Armstrong Head of Strategy

The manifesto of the data-ink ratio

31 Aug 2023

Have you ever looked at a chart or table and found that something in the way it was designed was distracting or hard to understand? 

Rod Blaxell Service Designer

Uncertainty in experience design: An explorer’s journey

15 Aug 2023

If you work in service design or experience design, how do you talk about what you do? It's hard sometimes to explain; we research, we test, we redesign stuff. But really, what do we do?  

What we do is chart our way through uncertainty – and that makes us like explorers. 

Maryne Muroni Service Design Team Lead

The values you need to be a good collaborator

7 Aug 2023

Whenever we talk about collaboration we tend to talk about quite specific actions:

  • Let’s put all these people in one room!
  • Let’s hold regular knowledge sharing!  
  • Let’s put this information online so everyone can use it!
  • Let’s create team incentives!

These actions are good because they are simple, direct, and give us a sense of control. The problem is that none of these actions work if the people involved don’t share an underlying set of pro-collaboration values.

Andrew Duval
Andrew Duval Co-Founder