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'It matters how co-design practice and purpose is done'

19 Apr 2022

When considering complex problems, it's common to look at what technology or digital opportunities might bring to the table as part of the solution. 

Katie Cassidy
Katie Cassidy Content Lead

Creating valuable change for people starts with great research 

29 Mar 2022

To understand people, we need to step into their shoes. The best way to do that is with research — sit with them, take an interest, listen really hard, watch what they do, how they look and sound. 

Bridget Jones
Bridget Jones Customer Insights Research Lead

“Digital” skills? How these core skills can support a digital career

10 Feb 2022

What skills do people need to be successful in the digital industry? 

With the launch of Liquid’s Graduate Program this year, as well as welcoming new team members recently, I’ve been giving this question a lot of thought over the past couple of months.

Leo Yin
Leo Yin Chief Operating Officer

What role can design play in our fight against cybercrime?

27 Jan 2022

Overcoming the cybersecurity challenge sounds like a difficult task. Even understanding the cybersecurity challenge might prompt blank stares from many. 

Katie Cassidy
Katie Cassidy Content Lead

What have we learnt from Future Led this year? 

30 Nov 2021

At Liquid, we think there’s value in having a future-orientated mindset. However, this can be tough when you’re deep in the details of an immediate problem that needs solving. 

So every couple of months we take a step back from our work and look beyond our horizon at emerging trends, issues, or topics that we think are worth paying attention to. 

Katie Cassidy
Katie Cassidy Content Lead