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4 strategies to navigate the decade of disruption in higher education

17 Apr 2024

In recent times, higher education has been portrayed as an industry undergoing significant disruption across all fronts.

Ray O'Sullivan Partner, Growth

Liquid projects recognised for innovative design at Better Future Awards

11 Apr 2024

Two projects commissioned by the Department of Health and Aged Care (Department) and designed and delivered in collaboration with Liquid have taken out the top awards at the Better Future Gov Design Awards 2024 for the Best New Service or Application category.

Alana Toohey Content Writer

The new era of healthcare

10 Apr 2024

FL-New-era-of-healthcare-1200x628-2 (2)

This article is part of our Future Led event series, where our speakers challenge big ideas and their real-world impact. This event focused on the new era of healthcare and how we can progress towards a connected, patient-centred care model. 


Australia’s healthcare system, like many around the world, is at a critical juncture. The challenges of increased levels of chronic disease, pressures of an ageing population and inequitable access to health services require a shift in the way we design our healthcare system.   

Alana Toohey Content Writer

Digital health and strategic design: Three lessons I’ve learnt

25 Mar 2024

Close to twelve months ago I joined the Liquid team, initially as a contractor and more recently in a permanent role as Director of Health. Anniversaries are a great time to reflect, and upon doing so, I thought these 3 lessons are worth sharing with friends in healthcare who may be starting on their digital transformation journey. I wish I had appreciated these lessons earlier (oh the hours I would have saved!). 

Kate Wylie Director, Health

Leadership changes signal future ambitions at Liquid

14 Mar 2024

Today Liquid announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Executive Chair. Fiona Armstrong has been promoted to CEO and the company’s founder and managing director, Michael Burke, to Executive Chair.

Michael Burke
Michael Burke Executive Chair

Dismantling the barriers to lifelong learning with the National Skills Passport

22 Feb 2024

As the Government takes steps to reform the education system with the development of a National Skills Passport, we consider the opportunity to create an interconnected and flexible education system that enables a fluid and learner-centric approach, addressing immediate workforce needs and lifelong learning requirements for all Australians.

Sam Daley and Steve Marrinan
Sam Daley and Steve Marrinan Liquid

Designing the future of higher education

22 Feb 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, one thing remains constant: the paramount importance of the student experience. As we witness the emergence of a new cohort of learners – the refined, digitally-savvy, and discerning – the need for universities to co-design their offerings with this critical audience in mind has never been more pressing. 

Mark Young Director, Education & Learning

Balancing the future vision of business with today's decisions

29 Nov 2023

Determining how a business continues to transform, grow and innovate is becoming increasingly overwhelming for leaders. Underpinning this is a pressing need for capability uplift to ensure businesses are future-focused and primed for the unknowable future. 

Alana Toohey Content Writer

It's time to bring implementation into policy design

8 Nov 2023

In difficult times such as these, public policy plays a critical role in addressing the increasingly complex and interrelated issues we face today. But we need to make the development and implementation of good public policy more collaborative if we really want to create better, more sustainable outcomes.

Fiona Armstrong
Fiona Armstrong CEO & Partner

Helping to bridge the gap for better digital experiences

6 Nov 2023

The journey of understanding client and customer needs, and transforming them into seamless, user-friendly digital experiences is often complex and nonlinear.  

As a business analyst, I see my role as being like a “translator”; my work requires a deep understanding of two (or more!) worlds in order to facilitate communication and the delivery of effective solutions.

Chase Liu Business Analyst