Chasing a fictional Moose and making new rules for working at home

Liquid recently ran one of our annual team building adventures, The Wild Moose Chase, even though the whole team was in lockdown. Although this is normally a city-wide, highly physical and social game, our online version was so successful that we’ve decided to make this year’s game freely available to anyone who’d like to play it with their teams.

The Wild Moose Chase is one of Liquid’s cornerstone cultural activities, so embedded that we have a Moose head on our studio wall with the winner's names engraved each year, a bit like a highschool honour board.

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This description is fairly apt, “an app-based, frantic free-for-all that mashes-up the best bits of ‘The Amazing Race’, ‘Shark Tank’, and ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ and invites you to smash through as many challenges as you can in two hours.” This summary, written by Nicholas O’Donnell of last year’s Moose Chase, will give you a good idea of the activity.

Traditionally we run the Moose Chase on the Thursday afternoon before Easter. We start at early afternoon and run the game for 2hrs and then we spend an hour or so afterwards laughing at the results of our efforts, awarding points and determining a winner over a few refreshments. This year however, I was really questioning if this was another event that would naturally be cancelled or at least postponed because we were not in the studio to run it.

I’m so pleased to say we decided to go ahead. Because our teams jumped at the challenge. We had more people sign up than we normally would, and we also encouraged everyone to involve other members of their households. Kids, partners, housemates all helped out or at least put up with the Liquid team’s crazy shenanigans in their homes for 2hrs.

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It turned out to be a genuinely positive experience for the whole team. Including quite a few new team members, some so new that many of us have never met them in person.

Afterwards, I wondered whether other companies and teams might benefit from running an activity such as this, as it really would work anywhere - at home or the office!

For that reason, we decided to make The Wild Moose Chase 2020 available for other companies and teams to play.

What we’ve done is package up instructions on how to set up the game, the rules for the teams and of course the Moose Missions. All free for you to adapt or use as is. You can download The Wild Moose Chase Pack here.

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It was such a rewarding and helpful experience for our team, probably more so than normal. If you can find the time to spend an afternoon off the tools, please consider playing The Wild Moose Chase, it might just help your team feel a little bit more normal too.

If you do, we’d love to hear how it goes. Please share your stories and a sample of your game content with us!

Download The Wild Moose Chase Pack