The Liquid Interactive 10th Birthday Party

This October Liquid Interactive turned 10 years old, so of course we needed to throw a party. We wanted to do something fun and that felt like a genuinely Liquid experience, something people would enjoy and remember. Earlier in the year we’d become a sponsor for the Museum of Brisbane, so the Museum kindly offered to let us celebrate in their beautiful venue.

Given the venue, and our interest in art and technology, we came up with a kind of neo-Victorian theme, a sort of Alice in Wonderland meets iOS 10.

10th Birthday Party

We like to give people things to do to, so for a warm-up activity we ran a game of VR Pictionary using Vive, Tilt Brush and a projection screen, and players drew 3D sculptural representations of everything from the Google streetview car to childbirth.

(What did people guess most quickly? Vampire: all you need are the teeth. What took the longest to guess? Laser cat. Tip: if your ears are too long, and your lasers too short, you are going to get fifteen minutes of people guessing “Shooting bunny!” and refusing to believe it could be anything else.)

10th Birthday Party

With everyone’s enthusiasm for new technology satisfied, we spent the rest of the night focusing on the ancient art of lip-syncing.

Brisbane-based dance troupe Polytoxic brought their backup service for the night: six classic songs, three hot backup dancers, a trunkful of costumes and enough champagne to get everyone stage-ready.

We had appearances from a prematurely-intoxicated Robert Palmer, a jubilant male Dolly Parton, a Tina Turner who left nothing on stage except his/her sweat, an almost hypnotically sexual Vanilla Ice, a Weather Girls act that should have been called Inflating Men, and finally Meat Loaf and Bonnie Tyler in some kind of Ziggy Stardust conceptual art version of Total Eclipse of the Heart.

10th Birthday Party

Combine all that with an endless supply of empanadas, chicken burgers and Nitrogenie ice cream—and possibly alcohol—and we had a very happy crowd of staff and clients, both current and former.

Thanks to everyone who came—it was a great night. And if you missed this party, then enjoy the photos and don’t book anything on any evening for the next year, until you find out when our next party is.

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