Museum of Brisbane Partnership

For 17 years we’ve been collaborating with, promoting and sponsoring the arts. In that time we have had the pleasure of working on some truly remarkable projects with some of Queensland’s leading organisations.

Continuing that tradition, we’ve recently struck a sponsorship agreement with the thoroughly delightful Museum of Brisbane to advance both of our goals in community engagement and support.

The Museum of Brisbane is a gallery museum with a strong character and a fascinating mix of exhibits. It is a great fit for us because of its modern take on our community in a strong historical and real world context. Situated atop the recently renovated City Hall, it’s a hidden gem – a wonderful creative space and somewhat of an oasis in the heart of the city.

Museum of Brisbane

Liquid Interactive has a keen interest and a strong portfolio of interactive installations. We recognise the need and the demand in the community for interactive ways to bridge the digital and organic worlds, and we continue to pursue innovation and opportunities in this crossover.

We’re thrilled that the Museum of Brisbane has chosen us for a three-year sponsorship program that will create opportunities for locals and visitors to enjoy the rich history of our city and to engage with our community in interesting and interactive ways.

The interactive data wall features illustrations by Sophie Blackhall-Cain.

Museum of Brisbane
Museum of Brisbane
Museum of Brisbane


Michael Burke
Michael Burke Managing Director

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