DLD Wrap Up—Connecting the Unforeseen

It's October 24th 2019 and it’s the first time a DLD event has been held in Australia and we couldn’t be happier about our involvement in bringing them here. Led by Steffi Czerny and her wonderful team, this mature and sophisticated group, founded in 2005, provides an opportunity to meet and collaborate with renowned digital thinkers, innovators, makers, founders and funders.

Brought to Brisbane by QUT Chair in Digital Economy, with our support, it’s a welcome addition to the many local digital events. With links to the World Economic Forum in Davos and an international agenda, DLD focuses on products and activities that really move the needle as we design our digital lives.

At DLD Singapore, while encouraged to “connect the unforeseen”, we saw Osh Agabi CEO of Koniku present a device that can detect explosives and even human diseases through smell. It’s a biochip made of tissue—a living machine, using co-processors made of biological cells. This ‘wetware’ is part of a deep tech movement that will ultimately impact all our lives. 


Astounding advances in robotics were demonstrated by Philipp Zimmermann, CEO of Franka Emika: supporting his call for the education of a generation of “robonatives”, Panda has an almost human touch, arguably the most advanced robotics system in the world.


And closer to home, at the DLD Salon Brisbane, Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz’s digital climate change analogy provided an insightful way to frame the challenges and opportunities we face in the digital industry now. The always impressive and entertaining Leanne Kemp, Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur, provided a rousing call to arms for Queensland’s digital industry and innovators to compete on a global scale at WEF. Her compelling article on how the circular economy could change the world can be found here.


Across continents, from better parenting to hacking the human OS, epic goodness, wellbeing, space travel and more, we were all brought closer and learned from each other through positive discussions about possible futures.

Liquid has always sought to understand global perspectives and apply insights in a local context. In this way we hope to be able to provide added value to our clients and our own products. The DLD is another way we can tap into the thought leadership of an international community of digital visionaries, to collaborate with and learn from themconnecting the unforeseen.

Watch the video from the DLD Salon Brisbane.