In the media: Sam Daley

"Sam Daley — team-builder, motivator, Illustrator, coder, animator, branding ace, digital designer, game changer. There are quite a few strings to this designer’s bow. "

Our very own (and very talented) Product Design Director, Sam Daley, is featured in AGDA’s latest Designer Profile piece.

Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) is the peak national organisation representing the Australian communication design industry, and each month interviews industry leading designers from around the country. This month, they're sharing Sam's story.

The article delves into Sam’s career and talks about everything from his early love for illustration, to his quarter-life crisis, to how he sees the importance of design in positive behaviour change.

If you want an insight into the driver behind our design team, have a read of the AGDA article:

Designer Profile: Sam Daley