Method Social Media

Good social media can often feel less like producing a traditional marketing campaign and more like running a weekly live TV show.It’s about exploring a set of themes, characters and stories, and essentially improvising over time, tuning the approach based on user engagement and behaviour.

A lot of the time, it can feel less like building a community, and more like building a world.
Imagine you’re Lewis Carroll writing Alice in Wonderland, or George R. R. Martin – these guys know that to develop meaningful relationships with their audience, a level of depth and intricacy is required. The same can be said for great actors. 

As a social media team, we’ve found that one way to build genuine engagement is to immerse ourselves completely in the persona of the brand we’re representing; we call this method social media. We use this technique to identify as closely as possible with brands and to encourage more sincere and emotionally expressive communication with their audiences.

Just like great character roles, social media is often about bringing a brand or personality to life. Because of this, writers and actors have become fantastic references for us. Although the medium (and the lifestyle) is (unfortunately) a little different, the interaction always has to feel authentic and real, not like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky, or Nick Cage in… Just about anything.

Great acting has the ability to change behaviours, build relationships, or simply stand out from the crowd. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

By applying an acting methodology to our social strategies, we’re able to reach a level of depth that isn’t generally seen in traditional campaigns or normal brand architecture. It allows us to find more intricacies in brand identity, and fill in some of the gaps that traditional brand guidelines don’t cover.

This idea has enabled us to build more sophisticated engagement platforms for our clients and to develop genuine engagement, not buzz words or vanity stats.

Real connections with real people.

Daniel Klug Digital Media Planner - Social