Data You Can Touch

People consume information in so many ways, and everyone has their preferred method of doing so. Some people are visual; others prefer statistics and hard facts. Some people like to read long-form articles on matters that are important to them; others might prefer to just get the gist in bite-sized chunks. But one of the most compelling and effective ways to consume information is through physical interaction.It’s often assumed that as a digital agency, our work can only be experienced on digital devices. We think however, some of our best work offers an experience without any user devices at all.

Our collaboration with Museum of Brisbane in the 100% Brisbane exhibition, an interactive exhibition that promotes sensory experiences, is a great example of how these projects come to life.

On this project, we worked with the Museum’s hardware experts and a local artist, Sophie Beer, to design an interactive wall that explores data through touch, sight and sound.

Coming to life to varying degrees, the wall prompts users through visual and textual touchpoints. Some touchpoints trigger a little bite of information with a quirky flourish of animation. Others light up the full expanse of the seven-metre wall, starting from the point of contact and spreading to fill your vision. And all the information relates to fun and interesting facts about Brisbane city – for example, the approximate number of bananas the average Brisbane resident eats in a year, the number of languages spoken in Brisbane apart from English, and so on. We bring data to people’s fingertips – literally!

While 100% Brisbane holds a mirror up to the lives of Brisbane’s residents, the interactive wall tells us a lot about how they interact with and digest information. This project was the most ambitious and forward-thinking project that the museum has ever undertaken, and we’re thrilled to have played a part in it.

Winning with innovation 
Recently, 100% Brisbane has been selected as the national winner in the category of Permanent Exhibition or Gallery Fitout, at Australia’s premier industry awards, the 2017 Museums and Galleries National Awards.

Multi disciplinarian approach has created an excellent platform for further connections to audience. Great use of statistics, contemporary art to bring to life the people of Brisbane. Data mapping, comments from visitors - a sort of live approach to museums, bringing them into the future - a great way to make relevant museum holdings/info for future generations.”
– MAGNA Awards 2017

The crossover between physical and digital
At Liquid, we recognise the need and the demand in the community for interactive ways to bridge the digital and organic worlds, and we continue to pursue innovation and opportunities in this crossover. While the trend of digital experiences is flourishing, there’s no replacement for tactile; and when you combine the two to create digital engagement in physical spaces, you can produce something truly extraordinary.

If you haven’t already experienced 100% Brisbane at the Museum of Brisbane, we suggest you do!

Judy Das
Judy Das Content Strategist