What we’re most looking forward to at Something Digital 2020

It’s October and Spring has well and truly hit Brisbane. There’s a buzz of positivity at Liquid as we start to see the Brisbane studio come back to life where people are working together IRL!

It also means that it’s almost time for Brisbane’s biggest digital festival: Something Digital, on from October 20th-23rd. 

Earlier in the year, Liquid jumped at the chance to support Something Digital and their commitment to go forward with the festival despite the obvious challenges. They have introduced a smart hybrid approach where the festival lives online and in the real world, giving many more people the opportunity to be a part of it. 

There are so many intriguing sessions at this year's festival but here’s a few that pique our interest the most.


Leo Yin, Client Engagement Director

I’m really looking forward to...

Embracing authenticity at work - Mazzy Cameron, eBay & Stubhub

I think it's going to be interesting because…

Authenticity is at the heart of our company culture – by being authentic, we embrace the diversity in our people, believe in the power of their ideas, and equip them to bring their ideas to life with conviction. 

I’m looking forward to hearing from Mazzy on how global companies are creating cultures that foster employee happiness before company growth, and how we can apply this thinking to nurture our own culture to make this one of the most exciting places to work at. 


Steve Marrinan, Strategic Partnerships Director

I’m really looking forward to...

Redefining leadership. New skills for a new economy - Louise Mercer, Everledger

I think it's going to be interesting because…

COVID-19 has rapidly accelerated digital transformation, but I’m most interested in hearing about the human impact— especially on things like skills and labour—which is why this talk is my pick of the event.

Faced with the enormity of the situation, we’ve seen plenty of examples of groups coming together brilliantly to navigate the challenges.

I think effective collaboration—be it amongst small teams in the workplace or across sectors and government—is going to become even more important moving forward, especially as we turn our focus to economic growth and improving the quality of life.


Brooke Moody, Client Principal

I’m really looking forward to…

Let’s talk about individuals. Not averages - Chris Dowsett, Instagram (US)

I think it's going to be interesting because…

Hyper-personalisation is the topic that all my clients are talking about.

How many customer strategies have you seen that start with the perfectly average ideal customer? Chris will explore why it's time to start designing for the individual, not a mystical average. I’ve heard he’s got some interesting views on why averages and AB tests are leading marketers astray. This one is going to get people talking.

The real-life, in-person (but still COVID-safe) networking is also high on my list. After 8 months of living on Zoom, I can’t wait to meet and collaborate with the Brisbane digital community.


As eager as we are to listen to some of the world’s industry leaders, we’re also looking forward to having some of our own on the stage:

The secret to designing solutions to complex problems - Andrew Duval, speaker

Has 2020 changed the debate on Australia's digital divide? - Fiona Armstrong, panelist

A BRAVE new world - Michael Burke, block moderator


As part of the festival, we’ll also be launching an exciting new tool for you to assess your collaboration skills. It’s shaping up to be a memorable event that you don’t want to miss! You can grab your tickets here if you haven’t already - we hope to see you there.