Digital Bravery - Something Digital: The Rebel Edition

We are often faced with the choice between doing the right thing and the easy thing.

Our capacity for bravery is echoed in these choices we make: will I go out on a limb to do what I think is right?

The COVID crisis and the adversity it has created has tested this capacity, with many of us facing big challenges that demand tenacity, bravery and conviction.

This year Something Digital has embraced the theme of bravery, rebelling against adversity.

It is a big challenge for anyone who organises events right now. How can you make a digital experience where people can connect? That's like a conference, but will work in different ways and deliver value. Who will sponsor it, who will participate, and how do you make it work in new and engaging ways?

It's a testament to their commitment and the value of the Something Digital conference that the team are pushing through these obstacles.

This isn't a time to back off, it's a time to double-down on digital engagement, knowledge-sharing, relationships building and innovation.

This is important now more than ever because so many of our hopes for the future and aspirations for improving the world rely on technology, science and innovation The risks of doing nothing are too great.

Bravery for me in this context is trying to solve the difficult challenges, the complex ones. Risking something and creating trust in the process. Something Digital are doing that in trying to find a new conference format that provides a quality, enriching experience for everyone, and we want to support them.

Liquid is proud to be part of this festival, this initiative—to do the right thing, not necessarily the easy thing.

And, as we put our support behind the 2020 Rebel Edition of the Something Digital Festival, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate all the sponsors, supporters, participants and organisers for having the courage and vision to adapt and learn from the challenges of our situation.