Leadership changes signal future ambitions at Liquid

Today Liquid announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Executive Chair. Fiona Armstrong has been promoted to CEO and the company’s founder and managing director, Michael Burke, to Executive Chair.

“Today’s announcement marks an exciting stage in the company’s development and future,” explained Michael Burke, Liquid founder and Executive Chair.


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Michael Burke and Fiona Armstrong.

“Over the last 25 years we’ve delivered trusted, award-winning digital solutions that improve social outcomes in aged care, mental health, education and other public services. During that time, we’ve evolved and adapted to leverage new technologies and respond to changing customer needs, and this change marks the next stage in our evolution.”

“Fiona joined the Liquid team six years ago, following 20 years in senior executive public service positions leading major reform in the UK and Australia. Since joining she’s led our largest client teams to deliver major complex strategic change, leveraging her deep understanding of the challenges of Government reform and how to navigate it. Her leadership expertise, track record in innovation and deep connection with our customers makes her the ideal CEO for the next phase of growth at Liquid.”


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Liquid's Executive Management Team. L-R: Steve Marrinan, Samantha Pearce, Ray O'Sullivan, Fiona Armstrong, Leo Yin and Sam Daley.

Fiona takes the helm of an established, strong leadership team with deep experience in delivering strategic design and transformation. “The team at Liquid have always punched above their weight,” said new CEO Fiona Armstrong. “Their creativity, innovation and commitment to delivering social good was what attracted me to join the team and why it’s an honour to be asked to lead the team now.”

This is a critical time. Organisations globally are at a pivot point. Technologies like AI are challenging our norms faster than organisations can keep up. Population change, environmental crises, cost of living and trust in government are global challenges against which societal divides are deepening. Despite this, it’s an era of possibility, and that’s why what we do is more essential now than it’s ever been.” 

Partnering with organisations in Health, Government and Education, we radically simplify the complexity they face, to deliver the best possible outcomes for people across society today, tomorrow – and for generations to come.