Head to Health: Australia’s new online mental health gateway

Head to Health is an initiative of the Commonwealth Department of Health designed to improve access to mental health services for all Australians. Built on a sophisticated digital platform and co-designed with end users, it creates an engaging and efficient way to understand and find appropriate mental health services through online channels.

In line with the recent reforms to national mental health policies, and launched during the national Mental Health Week, the portal delivers on key industry reforms by connecting users with the best services to fit their needs.

Designed and developed by Liquid Interactive in partnership with Speedwell, the project sets a new digital benchmark for Australian government because of its use of personalisation, detailed analytics, user-centred co-design, agile development, and friendly content.

Liquid created the vision, voice, user experience and business rules for the project in collaboration with industry stakeholders, designing an accessible user experience informed by data and focus testing. Built on the Sitecore platform, the portal is a powerful tool that is designed to grow and improve as its users are better understood.

The portal is a world-class solution to a global issue that will ultimately improve the lives of many Australians; contributing to economic growth and reinforcing the benefits of a robust mental health sector.

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