A New Website & Partnership With Monier

In recent months we partnered with roofing tile manufacturer and CSR brand, Monier, to redesign their website — one of the first steps in shifting the focus of the brand from a trade audience toward a consumer one.

“We asked for a brand new website, built on Sitecore technology, designed for multiple personas whilst creating a new brand direction – all to be delivered within 12 weeks. It was no easy task and yet the team at Liquid delivered the website without even breaking a sweat. Their designs are dynamic and thoughtful, knowledge of digital marketing insightful and their passion for what they do? On a whole other level.”
– Hannah Nelson, Digital Communications Specialist, Monier

Working in collaboration with Monier’s digital and marketing teams, as well as other partners of the brand, our role was to develop a website that was capable of inspiring customers to seek out Monier tiles for their new roof.

We needed to: 

  • Give the brand a new, modern look.
  • Make information on products easier to find and understand.
  • Show how essential the roof was to completing the look of a home.
  • Instil confidence that when customers choose Monier for their new roof they are making the right decision.
  • Put them in touch with the right people when they need it.

And we needed to do all of this in twelve weeks for the launch of their brand refresh.

We’re always up for a challenge and we knew we would have to get up to speed with the intricacies of the products and the subject matter in a short space of time.

So, we set about to divide and conquer.

We sent strategy and design to co-locate with the Monier team in Sydney while our development team prepared for delivery.

The goal was to maximise efficiency.

We needed to do project tasks concurrently, even if they weren’t typically done in this way.

We knew that we would need to remain flexible and to accept that there would be changes throughout the entire project – even at the end.

Sitecore was chosen as the CMS so that the Liquid and Monier could better understand audience interactions with the site over time. Planning for how the site would be used to convert audiences into customers was a big focus of the next eleven weeks of the project.

This is what a true partnership is all about

Taking over various CSR meeting rooms, we were given a crash course in roofing: the differences in materials, the people involved in the decision process, the questions they were asked by customers…

There was a lot to learn about roofing

We shared many conversations about how we could use the website to help people make the right decision on their next roof, which resulted in a close relationship in a short space of time.

The combined enthusiasm and determination is the reason the site was delivered on time for the launch and we’re looking forward to being a part of the journey with Monier.

Check out the website

Steven Marrinan
Steven Marrinan Creative Strategist